We Specialize in

Mushroom Project Consultancy Services

We can help you to set up your mushroom projects anywhere in world.

Laboratory set up services

We can help you to set up all Agro-Bio-Food Research Laboratories.

Agri Infrastructures Set up services

We can plan and help you to set up different Agri Infrastructures Worldwide.

Worldwide Mushroom Supply

Global supply of High quality fresh, dry and mushroom products.

Worldwide Spawn supply

We supply High quality Mushroom Pure cultures and spawn of more than 200+ type of mushrooms.

Agri products and Services

We also supply other fresh, dehydrated and other agro food produce.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Consultancy

    Consulting different type of agro-bio-food set ups.

  • 2. Plant Set up

    Plan, Layout, Budget planning and set up.

  • 3.Technology

    Working SOP procedure preparation and scientific personnel.

  • 4.Machinery

    Machinery selection, Supply and set up

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    About me

    I am Parimal. Director of Biobritte Agro Solutions (India) Private Limited. I am agricultural-biotechnology expert who got extensive experience in Laboratory Set up, Running and Modern Farming technologies. I postgraduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I am also laboratory manager at GTF, BN. My company is also available for agricultural consulting services worldwide.

    Meet The Team

    Our Team

    Parimal Udgave

    Parimal is alumini of Sheffield Hallam University, England, Great Britain. His area of expertise includes Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food sciences, Bioanalytical sciences.He serves as Executive director of company. He works for BARC as Laboratory Manager which is involved in Hi-tech mushroom growing of edible and medicinal mushrooms.

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