What Our Trainee Student says?

Plant Tissue Culture Internship

Akshay Taur, MGMIBT, Aurangabad.
 “I particularly appreciated the “stickability” of skills. The training was very relevant to the work I am now doing in practice and gave me the confidence to have a go at everything I was asked to do.”

Shraddha Jadhav, MGMIBT, Aurangabad.
 “During my time at Biobritte Agro I learnt how to work well with different people, many practical skills that are applicable in the workplace and how to act like a professional at all times.” 

Ashish Mane, MGMIBT, Aurangabad.
“The practical skills are applicable in the work I am doing and have stood me in good stead. The Plant Tissue Culture course was great in that it exposed me to the actual practice of commercial plant tissue culture lab in the workplace. I would recommend doing training as soon as possible. Not only did it help me with finding a job but it’s the only training you will get that gives you an idea about what it will mean to work in Plant tissue culture Industry.

Ashwini Rajankar, MGMIBT, Aurangabad.
“It taught me lots of practical skills and tools that were quite different from college course.  It got me interested in Secondary metabolite production from tissue culture and more confident about starting out in Plant Tissue Culture Industry.

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