Complete Six months plant tissue culture pratical and hands on training at Biobritte Agro

Content: Sterilization Techniques,Media Components and Preparation-MS media and Other alternatives,Callus (or tissue) cultures, Suspension (or cell) cultures, Anther cultures, Meristem cultures, Shoot tip, or shoot cultures, Node cultures, Isolated root cultures, Embryo cultures, Artificial Seed Preparation.

Plants to be studied-
Sugarcane, Banana, Bryophyllum, Chrysenthum, Potato, Stag and Fern, Cactus, Rose, Gerbera, Tomato, Capsicum, Chinarose, Groundnut, Lettuce, Radish, Asparagus, Bramhi, Coriaria Arborea, Alovera, Bamboo and many more.

Seats: 12
Duration: Six months
Location: Jaysingpur, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Your chance to work at commercial plant tissue culture unit.
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I am Parimal. Director of Biobritte Agro Solutions (India) Private Limited. I am agricultural-biotechnology expert who got extensive experience in Laboratory Set up, Running and Modern Farming technologies. I postgraduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I am also laboratory manager at GTF, BN. My company is also available for agricultural consulting services worldwide.