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Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India
Contact Name
Parimal Udgave
Position in the company
Number of Employees
10 Employees
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Postal Address
11 th Lane, Kallapa Plaza, Third Floor, Above Adinath Bank, Jaysingpur
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About Business
Business Summary
Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd is top mushroom research and training which is focussed at mushroom cultivation and promotion goal.
Business Description
Biobritte Agro Solutions is agro company which is established in 2018 by Parimal Udgave who is alumini of Sheffield Hallam University, Great Britain.
Some of the priority areas of company are:
  • promotion of mushrooms
  • Cultivation of mushrooms
  • Creating awareness regarding nutritional quality in socioeconomical classes
  • Supplying mushrooms
  • supplying mushroom seeds or spawn
  • Mushroom by products
  • Third party mushroom products distribution
  • International Marketing
  • Mushroom Export
  • Mushroom biology research
Biobritte Agro Solutions company own seven units under it. Mushroom learning center organizes mushroom cultivation trainings to promote interest of mushrooms in local people in western maharashtra region.
Company is planning to expand its operation to south asian countries by establishing sub-offices in upcoming years. It is also collabrating with international companies. It targets to use India's potential to manufacture and export mushrooms worldwide.
Company also targets to create scientific potential in western maharashtra by giving internships to students who are related with biological sciences.
Company's 2020 vision:
  • To reach every corner of India.
  • To create job and entreprenurship opportunities for employed or jobless youth in india.
  • To establish subsidiary pharma and food company for medicianal products and mushroom by products manufacturing.
  • Along with business goal Biobritte targets to change the future of mushroom market, india's position in Mushroom business sector.
  • To create hygienic mushrooms and healthy mushrooms to meet demand of the world.
Products / Services
  1. Mushroom spawn
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Mushroom growing kits
  4. Mushroom Cultures
  5. Mushroom By Products
  6. Mushroom Blocks
  7. Mushroom Compost
  1. mushroom growing consultancy
  2. mushroom training
  3. Mushroom internships
Major Customers
India, China, Singapore, USA, UK, Belgium, Middle east
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About me

I am Parimal. Director of Biobritte Agro Solutions (India) Private Limited. I am agricultural-biotechnology expert who got extensive experience in Laboratory Set up, Running and Modern Farming technologies. I postgraduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I am also laboratory manager at GTF, BN. My company is also available for agricultural consulting services worldwide.