Mushroom Consultant in Indonesia

Biobritte agro is expanding our mushroom projects in Indonesia.

  • We can help you to grow different type of mushrooms edible or medicinal mushrooms.
  • Our team of expert will help you to plan layout of spawn laboratory designa and mushroom growing hourses.
  • We can help you to plan mushroom production and growing projections
  • We can help you to do branding of your mushrooms produtsa and can help for marketing.
  • technical staff solutions
  • Mushroom product ideas and required facility set up

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About me

I am Parimal. Director of Biobritte Agro Solutions (India) Private Limited. I am agricultural-biotechnology expert who got extensive experience in Laboratory Set up, Running and Modern Farming technologies. I postgraduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I am also laboratory manager at GTF, BN. My company is also available for agricultural consulting services worldwide.