Biobritte offers Lab training for local and International Entreprenurs

Biobritte shares knowledge of world class mushroom experts for commercial spawn-production experience through Technical Hands on courses.
1.      Substrate and mushroom production - group training
2.     Spawn production -group training
3.     Spawn production -individual training
4.    Lab design and consultancy - Individual

1. Substrate and mushroom production - group training
Normally we conduct five days training at our laboratory. This is general training for different type of mushrooms. You will be learning different substrate options and cultivation procedures.
2. Spawn production - group training
It is four days training. We teach spawn or seed production using different options of substrates.
3. Spawn production - individual training
We will guide individual candidate for spawn production and related training.
4. Lab design and consultancy - individual
In this training, we can help you to make layout planning for different kind of mushrooms as per the candidate need. It is 3 days training. Our mushroom expert will give you detailed information on it.

Why Biobritte Fungi School?
  • We are one of first kind of Mushroom company in India which focuses at Hi-tech mushroom farming
  • We can help you to plan different kind of mushroom spawn production and cultivation technology.
  • We can help you to troubleshoot your currently running project.
  • We can give you onsite training at your place worldwide.
  • We offer high class and cutting edge knowledge sharing with our trainees.
  • We also offer high class pure cultures and spawn.
Other technological assistance
  • lay- out and organization of spawn labs
  • Supply, purchase and installation of machines
  • Training of personnel on site worldwide
  • production start-up on site
  • Helping you all time at any stage of your production cycle